Learn More

There is LOTS of information and ways to learn more about the issue of bee conservation. Below is a list of some interesting articles that are worth a read for those who would bee interested!


The Plight of the Honeybee by Pieta Woolley

On Einstein, Bees, and the Survival of the Human Race by Keith S. Delaplane

Threats to Bee Conservation

Modern Agriculture: Ecological impacts and the possibilities for truly sustainable farming by Miguel A. Altieri

Monsanto-the black stain on the biotech industry by Jenna Woginrich

Beekeepers Abuzz Over Climate Change and Hive Losses by Jeremy Lovell and Climatewire

Why New Pesticides Are Putting Bees at Risk by Jay Feldman

For more information on stopping pesticides, visit: http://www.changeeverything.ca/blog/randi_kruse_ferdinands/stop-using-pesticides


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